5 Skincare Essentials To Beat Dull Skin!

Hey my loves!! I wanted to share some new products I have been using lately, as I always love to read reviews before purchasing a new product. Skincare is massive for me this year as I really want to focus on my skin and keep it smooth and radiant! I'm now going to share with you my Top 5 products this month:


Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Mist
I’ve recently discovered this beautiful skincare line and this mist has quickly become one of my must haves! I spray it 3 times onto my face every morning and night to refresh my skin and keep it hydrated. Not only does it provide long lasting hydration but the sweet rose scent is guaranteed to leave you feeling brand new!
Best for: Dry, dull skin.


Garnier Ambre Solaire Face Bronzer
Now I know I am not the only one feeling kind of pale right now?! (Summer, where art thou?). This face bronzer is my life saver, I spray it for 3 seconds onto my face twice a week. I have extremely sensitive skin so I was a bit sceptical about using this at first but so far so good! Now, please bear in mind that this has a 3-hour development time. The first time I used it I couldn’t see the results instantly so I sprayed it again... and again, safe to say I looked like I had been tangoed! Great product, great price and will do until summer.
Best for: Any skin type looking for a pick me up.


Zelens Triple-action Advanced Eye Cream
I decided this is the year I really want to take control of my skincare routine, starting with under eyes. I have always suffered with bad dark circles and dryness and even though I have accepted my dark circles aren’t going anywhere, I needed something to battle the texture. This eye cream contains collagen and caffeine so it is great at tightening the skin and minimising puffiness.
Best for: Anyone with fine lines and dark circles.

Manuka Doctor Facial Oil
Even though I have oily skin, it can get dehydrated so this oil is a great way to revitalise my skin & make it appear more radiant. I use my finger tips to gently massage the oil into my skin after I have showered, I use the smallest amount as this is all you need. The main ingredient in the brightening oil is Manuka oil, which has a strong scent, so this may not be to everyone’s taste.
Best for: Dull skin and age spots.

Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair
Beauty sleep is so important and so is your skincare before bed, it can determine how good your skin looks when you wake up the next day. This is the first night serum I have tried and my skin definitely feels a lot smoother and radiant when I wake up. Prevention is better than cure and this serum guarantees it can beat the signs of ageing; only time will tell but for now it is working wonders! I love that it is fragrance and oil free so that I am not applying too much oil to my skin.
Best for: Dryness, lines and wrinkles.





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