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When it comes to make up, I am all about the skin! It is the first thing I complete when doing my make up and I always spend the longest perfecting it. When I was younger I suffered with acne on my forehead and cheeks so it's really important for me that my skin looks healthy, it hasn't been a smooth ride but I finally feel like me and my skin are on the same page... Thanks to plenty of water and a good skin care regime!

Skincare is so so important, I know this post is about highlighters but I just want to touch on this quickly. Often people complain that their foundation has stopped working for them when really it is down to their skincare routine. It all starts with how you are caring for your skin, unfortunately it can take people years to find their perfect skincare products and there is a chance that your skin will change over time. It took me many years, a lot of money and a great deal of patience to get it right, I have the most sensitive skin so I always use products with no scent, no added fragrance and no alcohol. Where possible I opt for water based products with oil control due to my oily skin!

Oily Skin:

Even though I have oily skin, I love a dewy finish, this just means I have to be smart when highlighting. First of all, those that have oily skin still need to moisturise! Your skin can still get dehydrated and this can result in blemishes and textured skin, use a light moisturiser that is specifically for your skin type. I use the 'Simple Kind To Skin Hydrating Light Moisturiser', it is a lightweight cream that is perfect for oily, sensitive skin.

A primer will be your best friend, if possible find one that has oil control, that way not only will it keep your foundation on all day but it will prevent your face looking greasy! I find that wearing a primer allows me to wear a foundation with a semi- dewy finish, I use the 'Smashbox HD Primer' with my 'Armani Luminous Silk Foundation'. Even though my skin is oily, I don't like to wear a matte foundation, I love how a dewy foundation glides on the skin and leaves that healthy shine without feeling heavy.

Okay, so sometimes even a primer can't stop our face greasing up, so the challenge comes when we need to powder but still want our skin to glow. We need to powder smart, by that I mean only powder the T- Zone area that way we are still shining in the right places. I use the 'MAC Transparent Finishing Powder', it is a colourless powder that adds no coverage, it simply matifys and sets my foundation, perfect for topping up during the day! I recommend a powder highlight for oily skin, this will last longer and will still leave a beautiful glow.

Dry Skin:

So when it comes to dry skin it is often hard to achieve that dewy finish we all desire. First things first, skincare is so important! You need to look for products that will add moisture back into the skin, I always find that a serum works wonders for dry skin! Always ensure you have applied a serum, moisturiser and primer to your skin before doing your foundation, try to find a water based foundation where possible or one that is specifically for dry skin.

If you suffer from really dry skin then try adding 'Essential oils' to your foundation, mix it together before you apply it. Your skin will love you for this, the oils are made from all natural products and it is a great way to hydrate your skin. I recommend using cream/ liquid highlighters for dry skin, that way you still achieve a dewy finish without it looking dry and patchy, often powders will sink into textured skin so it will highlight any dry areas.

So now we have touched on how to care for oily and dry skin, let's take a look at the best highlighters for different skin tones.


Best highlighters for Fair- Medium skin tones:


Moon stone by Becca (as seen in image)

MAC Lightscapade

MAC Luna/ Pearl cream colour base


Best highlighters for Medium- Tan skin tones:





ABH Gleam glow kit (as seen in image)

Kiko water shadow 208

Urban Decay Naked Illuminate

Champagne pop by Becca


Best highlighters for Tan- Deep skin tones:

Topaz by Becca (as seen in image)

Elf cosmetic in Peaches

MAC Gold deposit





Make Up Details:



SKIN-Perfecting the base



Smashbox Photofinish Primer



Armani Luminous Silk shade 7.5



MAC Select Cover Up Concealer NC42



MAC Transparent Finishing Powder



Tom Ford Shade & Illuminate Intensity 2



Estee Lauder Pure Colour Blush Sensuous Rose



Urban Decay Naked Illuminating Powder






MAC Extend Eye Base



Smashbox Full Exposure



Bobbi Brown Gel Liner



MAC Lashes 2's & 3"s






Anastacia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz In Dark Brown



MAC Brow Set in Brown Ebony






MAC In Control Lip Liner



Tom Ford Lips & Boys- James 19



I hope you guys enjoyed this post, please comment below if there's anything beauty based you want me to  write about! I'm thinking about doing a whole post on Skincare? Let me know your thoughts, CCB x


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  • Any skin care product recommendations? Specifically what serums worries be good for dry skin? What do you use?

    • Kimberly Kelly