Beginner's Guide To Healthy Eating


So Summer is here and you have decided to work towards a New You! Not quite sure where to start with your diet? Here is a beginners guide to getting healthy!

So first thing’s first, your diet will have to change… Yes, that includes those yummy Krispy Kremes and your can of Coke that get’s you through the day. It’s important to limit the amount of over- processed foods and artificial sugars that you consume, start to replace those with lean protein and fresh fruit and vegetables. They are packed with fiber, vitamins, nutrients & enzymes… all things that contribute to a healthy working body! Switching up your diet not only helps with fat loss but also effects your energy levels and improves your blood circulation, heart and brain functions.


I know it’s tempting to eat until you can’t stuff your face any more, but try to eat small, regular meals. I usually eat 5 meals a day, this prevents snacking and being tempted to fall off track. Always, always, always eat your breakfast! Yes, I sound like your mum did but it is honestly one of the most important meals of the day. Try to have protein in the morning, this will keep you fuller for longer, my typical breakfast includes porridge, banana and a dash of honey!

Say bye to those sugary drinks because water is going to be your new best friend. Whether you are a still or sparkling fan around 8 glasses of water is needed per day, try to drink water with every meal and as soon as you wake up. I always keep a bottle on me as a reminder that I need to drink, eventually it becomes habit and you won’t even need to think about it. Water comes with many benefits, it helps maintain healthy digestion, can aid weight loss and helps to keep our kidneys working. If you are not a fan of water, try adding fresh fruit to your glass or drink it hot with fresh lemon, either way you cannot deny water, it is the most important drink you could ever have! (Yes, more important than Vodka).

So you know what you need to do and eat but find you don’t have the time to make these healthy dishes on the go, pre plan your meals and cook them the day before if you have to! I tend to make an extra portion when making dinner so I can have it for lunch the next day or even freeze your food to make it easier. Make sure you have quick easy snacks you can pack in your lunch box to beat the hunger during the day, this could include a mix of nuts, fruit, protein bars and even natural yoghurt and granola as a tasty snack.


Remember, discipline is important when it comes to your diet, stay focused on your goal. Happy Eating!!!

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  • Thank you for this blog post! I’ve been struggling with my fitness and this blog has helped to plan what I’m going to do for 2017! I’m excited and I’ll keep you posted! ❤

    • Cynthia Mangwala