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Hey my loves, so a lot of you have messaged me and asked how I juggle everything I do... Being a make up artist, working out, editing videos and content, writing my blog and filming. The truth is... Anything worth having doesn't come easy.

It is 9pm and I have just got in from a busy day working and I'm straight on my laptop to type this up before doing a home workout and making dinner. Even during the day I rarely have a real "lunch break", something will always pop up that needs doing or I'll spend my time at the gym. Depending on how my day goes, I always try to fit an hour workout in around work, if it isn't possible because I am too busy, I will workout at home in the evening. But would I complain about any of this? No, I feel that the work I put in reflects the passion I feel for my work.

I don't feel anything is worth doing unless you feel real passion for it and that's what makes it worth it. When something starts to feel like a chore, the fun is taken away and you start to resent it! I'm human and sometimes I do feel like everything is getting on top of me, my classic line is "where did the time go", it's important to feel in control of your life and that comes with being organised. The most important aspect of juggling a busy life is learning effective time management skills. I'm not saying this will work for everyone as everyone's lifestyle is different, but the pointers below have helped me manage my day and keep things stress- free. Hopefully some of these points can help you guys as well.

Things I do:

Write a plan: If you saw the notes page on phone you would be shocked haha, I write absolutely everything on there. Often I write a plan for the week, if there's certain videos I need to edit or something I need write about on a particular day, it will all be on there. This prevents me from stressing out about it or it being on mind, I check my notes every couple days just incase I have forgotten something. I also have my gym routine, shopping lists and any other to- dos on there!

Prepare the night before, for the next morning: For the last year I have got into the habit of preparing for the morning, the night before. Now I'm a morning person but even I can admit some mornings don't go to plan, I end up running late or forget my bank card or that important parcel I need to post. So every night I select the clothes, underwear and shoes I will wear the next day and I organise my handbag to ensure everything I need will be in there. Most importantly, I prepare my "lunch box" for the next day, when I am cooking I will dish up our dinner and also put some straight into a container for my lunch the next day. I pack all of my snacks and water and put them into my bag so I'm ready to go the next day! (Nothing worse than having no food or water on you).

Keep a diary for important events: I'm not sure about you guys, but I have a memory like a gold fish! So I have a diary that often stays in my handbag with important events written down. I was terrible at double booking things because I didn't have the dates jotted down somewhere, now, I never miss a thing! I write down any important birthdays, weddings, fitness expos and any holidays I have planned.

Schedule when you have down time/ time for things you enjoy: Okay, so right now it sounds all business, but you also have to make time for things you enjoy. It's important to turn off and tune out from work regularly, even if it's for a few hours in the evening. I am a film fanatic so almost every week I go for food and to the cinema with my partner, this is our quality time together, no phones or business allowed and this is usually when we have our cheat meal! So you already know a large slushy and popcorn is involved haha. Once a week, which is usually a Sunday, I dedicate some "me" time. This is when I shut myself away from the world for a few hours, I put on some soul music and complete all of my beauty treatments. Making yourself feel good is important and this is my way of treating myself, you may have other things you like to do, whatever it is, make time for it.

Set a time for things: I am always mentally setting myself deadlines or time frames, I may not always stick to them but it helps keep me on track! I also do this with my partner, If I want to watch a film in bed we set a time that at 10pm we will put laptops down and head to the room. It's easy to get carried away sometimes with work, especially when I am editing a video, I am so impatient that I start to get annoyed when I'm not getting it done quick enough haha. That's when I need to take a step back and then go back to it with a fresh pair of eyes! (And a better attitude).

Make it fun: So all these pointers may sound like a lot but I cannot say I do not enjoy what I do. I have my goals clear in my mind and all of these things are helping me work towards success. I love makeup, I love working out, I love blogging and I also thoroughly enjoy my downtime, so spreading my time out isn't an issue. Sometimes it's not easy, if you are in a job that pays the bills but working towards your dream career, but you have to stick at it... It requires effort, dedication and above all, patience.

Get your mind right: This is probably the most important point, it all starts with the mind. Nothing prepares you for success more than a positive mental attitude, if you say you can't do it, then you are right. It is easy to get stressed with the workload, when you aren't seeing results quick enough or you feel like you have reached a dead end. Always remember why you started and how far you have come, it may be baby steps at the moment but that's better than where you were. Every morning I remind myself of my goals and where I want to be, this helps to get my mind right and keep the passion alive.

Positive books I have read to help with success:

'The Secret' By Rhonda Bryne
'Meditation Made Simple' by Russell Simmons 
'The Power Of Now' By Eckhart Tolle 
'The Book Of Awakening' By Mark Nepo

Because there is so much going on everyday in our lives, I have started writing out my goals to keep me motivated, below is a template of "My Power Goals" that you can print out and put it somewhere that you will look at daily. I have mine up in my dressing room, clearly stating some short term and long term goals reminding me of the end result and that it will all be worth it.

Power goals: DOWNLOAD HERE

Your happiness is important, work towards something you love. CCB x

CLICK HERE to watch a short video on 'A Day In My Life'.

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