How I Lost My Eyelashes & Grew Them Back In 1 Month!

Okay guys... Yes, I cut my own eyelashes using a dodgy pair of eyelash curlers! The first thing I done of course was surf the Internet for some help, advice, even some reassurance. Instead I was met with conflicting articles and the opinions of people that didn't know their left from their right. 

So I managed to weed out what is true and what isn't to help others currently in this situation or who may be in the future (let's hope not). First things first, don't panic. Okay, I did spend a whole day feeing sorry for myself and couldn't bare to look in the mirror but it's not as bad as it first seems. Remember our bodies are clever little things and we are able to repair hair, nails, skin, bones, you name it! So our little lashes are no problem...

So, it is a myth that if you cut your eyelashes they grow back longer and thicker. Our eyelashes are just like our normal hair, if you trim it, it grows but not necessarily longer. Also due to genetics some people are able to grow longer lashes and hair whilst some of us can only grow it to a certain length before it reaches a wall (that includes me, huffs). I read online that if you accidentally cut your lashes then you should pluck them from the root to promote new growth. Please do NOT do this, I almost did but me being me, I thoroughly researched it before picking up the tweezers! Not only is this painful but it will be a longer growing process.

How to hide your patchy lashes

False lashes are going to be your best friend! If your eyelashes look anything like mine, you can't get away with just mascara :( If you aren't a fan of the fake look, then apply mascara as normal and use individual false lashes just in the bold area. If applied correctly, the lashes will look like your own! I used the MAC #30 eyelashes , they have three hairs on each lash so it's quicker and easier to get a fuller look. I personally love false lashes and you can find a look for every occasion, even natural looking strip lashes or bold ones for the evening. There is light at the end of the tunnel and there's a solution to every problem!

How to promote new growth

I am going to share the most effective methods I have found, however, this is my sole opinion therefore it may not work for everyone. Every morning I lightly apply pure coconut oil to the top the lash line using a cotton bud, just in the effected area. I leave it on there all day and have found mascara and even false lashes still go on nicely. In the evening I have been using castor oil, using a cotton bud again I apply it to the top of the lash line.

In the beginning it is hard to tell whether this method is effective or not, however, it is a cheap and natural way to care for your lashes. I became impatient and decided to research eyelash serums, the two most popular ones I found were Revitalash and Nanolash. I decided to go with Nanolash, it is reasonably priced (well, around £50 including shipping) and comes in a pretty packaging, which is always a bonus!

After 2 weeks of using the lash serum I noticed my lashes were growing steadily but it still seemed like it would take around 6 months for me to notice a huge difference. After 1 whole month, I am now able to wear mascara without having a visible bold patch! The website states it will create 50% longer lashes in 30 days of usage, well, this definitely worked for me! I used the serum every night before bed around 3/4 times a week, it was comfortable to apply and didn't irritate the area at all.

Click on the link to check out their website for more info:

Finally, prevention is better than cure, try to avoid repeating the same eyelash mistake again! I know It will be a long time until I can pick up a pair of eyelash curlers (I think I have been traumatised). Whatever went wrong with you, learn from it and see it as an opportunity to switch up your routine, I know even when my eyelashes recover I will be sticking to using natural products on them to help strengthen them. I still have patches and my eyelashes are still fairly uneven, however after only one month, there is definitely an improvement!


CLICK HERE to watch a short video on how to apply false eyelashes!

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  • i just saw that part of my eyelash on the left side were cut from the curler from the day prior. thank you so much. i just put the coconut oil on it. i literally had a panic attack because my eyelashes are my favorite feature i have. if you know anything else that would help please lmk!

    • marissa
  • I just curled my lashes and noticed that the inner corner of my long lush lashes was gone. Thank you for the article it really conforted me.

    • Rebeca
  • I’m 11 hrs old, and I have very very very long eyelashes. But I decided for a few weeks to curl and put mascara on. I just realised today they r short. I started crying because I absolutely love them. I think I’m never gonna put them on again :(

    • Zoe