Top Tips To Building A Bigger Booty!

1. Replace Jogging With Sprints
Jogging is a great way to get lean legs and can be highly therapeutic but it is not a great way to grow your bum! Sprints are a great alternative as they can burn calories and fat quicker while still maintaining your muscle. When you are sprinting you are activating your Glutes, so this can help to grow them and give them a rounder shape. If you still insist on jogging, then put the treadmill on incline or jog up a hill to work your Glutes. I use to be a keen cross country runner and I can tell you from experience, excessive jogging can actually make your Glutes smaller! And we definitely don't want that do we??? 

SO try doing 6 sprints in 15 minutes with minimal rest in-between. Okay, ready, set... SPRINT!
2. Work With The Force
By force, we mean resistance; this includes anything that will exercise your muscles using an opposing force. Doing the ‘squat challenge’ and performing 100 squats a day might sound fun and can help you to burn a few calories, but this will not build your bum, as you are not challenging or pushing yourself. Instead try to use an exercise band or even better, weights and focus on high rep training and heavy compound lifting to build your Glutes. Get out of that comfort zone and start to really work, that’s the only way you will see the results you desire. 

3. Eat Your Way To A Bigger Bum

Sounds easy enough doesn’t it, but unfortunately it doesn’t mean you can eat all the cakes and chocolate you want! Diet is just as important as training when it comes to building your booty! Do NOT skip meals; it’s physiologically impossible to build muscle tissue without sufficient nutrients. I eat around 4 meals a day, ensuring I am getting enough protein, healthy fats and nutrients. An example of the correct food you should be eating includes: mixed nuts, whole wheat, tuna, sweet potatoes, quinoa, lean beef, eggs and vegetables. Healthy eating will also help with regular bowel movement, which can help to reduce bloating giving you the appearance of a tighter stomach. This will help to give you more of a coke bottle shape making your Glutes look bigger, what more could a woman want!
4. How You Can ‘Actually’ Grow Your Hips
Ladies, I have read several articles that promise you that you can grow your hips, I’m here to tell you it is impossible to grow your hips through exercise. I’m sorry for crushing your hopes, but I can however, tell you how you can grow your Glutes to give the appearance of larger hips. You can increase the Gluteus Medius (the muscle on the sides of your glutes) by incorporating weight-training exercises that target this area. These exercises include: cable hip abduction, hovering hip abduction, the hydrant and lying forward leg lift with ankle weights. Now I can’t promise this will make a major difference, as we all know muscle growth takes time but every little helps!

5. Glute Activation!!!
Do you want stronger Glutes? Do you want to build a bigger booty? Do you want to feel your Gluteus Maxmius working? 

I’m going to assume you answered yes to all of those so let me tell you how to do it! To build your Glutes you need to consciously work at it, which means really focusing on the area and squeezing your cheeks hard on each rep. When you are squatting or lunging, try to hold your position for a few seconds at the lowest point of the move; taking it slow can really help to intensify the muscle activation. You need to make sure you can feel your Glutes activating during your workout, this is like your booty talking to you saying “Yes girl, it’s working, keep doing that”. Fire up your Glutes before your workout to ensure they are fully engaged and ready to perform! CLICK HERE to watch my video on Glute activation, I will show you my full routine and the best exercises using only a band.
6. Fake It Till You Make It
So we have all the tips and tricks we need and we are ready to put the work in to grow our derriere! But for the meantime, here’s a quick fix on how to give the appearance of a bigger bum. And no, I am not going to say waist trainers or those funny pants with two holes in the bum cheeks. Like seriously, the things you see on the market these days, even supplements to grow your bum?! Anyway, I promise you these tips are suitable for everyone and will not cause you harm:



  • Emphasise your waist by wearing high waisted jeans/ leggings, this will make your bum stand out more.
  • Opt for stretchy fabrics in your clothes to make sure you aren’t flattening your booty or making it look saggy.
  • Accentuate your rear by wearing heels, this will cause you to modify your posture.
  • Walk with your back straight and keep an eye on your posture, this will force your booty to pop out more.
  • Wearing colour can help to make your booty stand out, have you ever owned a pair of grey leggings? Thank me later.
  • Wear a coat/ jacket/ dress that has a waistband that you can tie, the quickest way to an hourglass figure!
7. The Booty Builder’s Bible
I am now going to introduce you to the Ultimate Booty Building Squad, you have all you need, now are you ready to work??

The best exercises to grow your Glutes:

  • Squats
  • Glute Bridge
  • Kickbacks
  • Lunges
  • Deadlift
  • Romanian Deadlift
  • Bulgarian Split Squat
  • Glute Blaster
You can now download my FULL training routine including a Legs and Glutes workout plan, Plyometric training routines, diet guide, supplement advice and a whole lot more!

CLICK HERE to find out how I can help you today!




CLICK HERE to watch 'The Secret To A Bigger Booty'. A follow along video including the full routine!


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