So, you have a great relationship with your partner and you would love to get them involved with your training side... you know, share one of your passions with them in the hope that you can both train together. Of course, introducing someone to something new can be quite a challenge, especially when it involves something as daunting as weight training, but don’t fear I have some handy tips to help you!
The number one complaint from my friends when they come back from a session with their boyfriend is that they trained them too hard. Don’t treat your partner like a client; shouting at them isn’t going to work unless they have specifically asked you to train them like that. Often, this will put your partner off before you have even started! Instead, show support; use encouraging words like, “great set” and “your form looks good”. And if you need to correct their form, then instead of criticising simply show them how to do it, I’m sure your partner won’t complain if you get all close and personal.
This brings me onto my next tip, set your partner up for success. Teach them the correct form and the importance of it, knowledge is power right? Teach your partner how to structure their workouts and even better (depending on how lovely you are), give them an 8 – 12 week plan to follow.


Don’t be impatient if they don’t know something, remember, all of this might be new to them so its important they go at their own pace. But it’s also important that it isn’t affecting your workouts, your partner must have the desire to workout and can’t be forced, otherwise this will lead to tension in your relationship. You both need to have that, “we’re going to have a great session” mentality, then its guaranteed that you will have a dope session. You don’t need to be lifting the same weight to be killing it, supporting each other, spotting each other and encouraging each other on that last rep.




Now, it’s not new that we all have different training styles and ‘moods’. We have the chatty gym goer, the ‘headphones in, don’t talk to me’ gym goer and even the selfie king/ queen gym goer so it’s important that you and your partner know what to expect. There’s nothing worse than wanting to get stuck into your workout but your partner would rather talk about their day and vice versa, so make sure you communicate beforehand what sort of session you want to have. My partner and I always say, “bring your headphones”, if we want to zone out and listen to our music.
So, you want to motivate your partner and think the best way to do it is to show her other fit girls/ guys bodies and comment on how great they look, we get it, you want to give them some inspo but this is a big NO-NO. Avoid constantly comparing your partner to other people and commenting on others physiques using phrases like, “you should look like her”, or “can you look like this?” Trust me, I have seen comments like this numerous times and how UNMOTIVATING for the person on the receiving end. Your partner should want to be the best version of himself or herself, not to look like someone else. Don’t get me wrong; we all need inspiration, so I see nothing wrong with recommending some fitness pages/ individuals for your partner to follow. Just hold back on the comparisons.


In some cases, your partner just might not be into lifting weights... sorry to break it to you but if you’ve tried all that you can, then it’s down to them. Your partner needs to have their own reasons to keep at it and maintain their passion for training. This doesn’t mean you can’t exercise together, my partner and I love doing plyometrics together, going on hikes, bike riding and even swimming. You may not be lifting weights, but you can definitely get some cardio in together!



Training with your partner can be a great way to strengthen your relationship; it takes away the stresses of every day life and gives you an opportunity to not just be partners, but friends. Often in relationships we forget the friendship part, but doing something as simple as sharing a hobby with your loved one can bring your bond closer together... plus, you will both look smoking hot doing it! Power couple here we come.
Do you train with your partner? Do you have any experiences to share? We would love to hear, comment below:

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  • My partner was always into fitness. He always did his best to train me, but did not succeed because I did not feel motivated. The gym where we used to go, the people all looked so fit and even my boyfriend. Not long ago we registered in a new gym and my boyfriend told me a lot about you and your videos. Now I am completely motivated by you and I am not even more concerned with the people around me. You are really my motivation. Now we always go as a couple to the gym and he’s the best workout partner ever.

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