My Favourite Gym Wear

I am constantly asked about what I wear to the gym on my daily fitness posts! I think it’s so important to feel comfortable when working out and being a bigger chested woman I love to feel secure!! Surprisingly I find it difficult to find the perfect gym wear, so when I do, I buy that range in every colour they have available!


Nike Sports Rival bra will forever be a keen favourite of mine, the support it offers is unbeaten and they provide it in a range of colours so you already know I purchased most of them! The best thing is I can get away with wearing this sports bra without a top and I won't receive any strange looks! It literally is like a seat belt for the boobs, they aren't going anywhere!


For when I do feel like covering up, SP Aesthetics sportswear is a great choice as it covers the stomach area if I am feeling bloated, it also looks just as good when I tie it up (as you can see in the picture). It has a hidden support bra inside which provides comfortable padding to keep that perky shape and I love the way the material feels! The leggings I am wearing are from Forever 21, you will mainly see me wearing high- waisted leggings when working out, I find them so comfortable and haven't got to worry about flashing my bum to everyone when I squat!

I love wearing black for some reason, so I tend to purchase my gym wear in that colour, I find it easier to match outfits when I am feeling lazy as basically everything will go with it! However, when I do like to wear colour, I like to go bright. Wearing new, matching gym clothes makes me even more excited to workout, theres something about catching yourself in the mirror and seeing how on point your outfit looks. The more you feel you look good, the better you feel, don't be ashamed to take that gym selfie!

Summer workouts are the best, you don't have to worry about getting your legs out as they are already perfectly tanned (a great way to hide the flaws). Gym clothes can get uncomfortable in the heat, so I tend to wear shorts and a sports bra, If you don't feel comfortable baring so much skin opt for loose fitting shorts!


Some of you have asked me about the heeled trainers I wear, these not only look good with gym wear but also work with casual outfits If you are heading out somewhere! I wear mine when going to Fitness Expos, to make my outfit look a bit nicer and I don't mind the extra height! The ones I am wearing below are from Reebok, they are literally the most comfortable trainers ever, I wore them for about 10 hours and didn't complain once.


CLICK HERE to watch my 'Build A Bigger Booty' full gym workout!



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