My Most Worn Lipsticks This Season


Now if you know me, you know I am a massive fan of nude lipsticks! My makeup drawer is full of them, and still I always find a new one I just have to buy. If I ever feel like switching it up I usually go with a red lip, you can’t make more of a statement than that! I am always being asked what lip colour I am wearing so I decided to list my most popular 5 this season, as I’m guaranteed to be sporting one of these.
Gerrard Cosmetics | Cher
If I see something I like on someone, I will always go up to them and compliment them (hoping they will tell me where they purchased it). This pretty young lady was wearing this lip colour and I just had to buy it! I immediately searched for it online and ordered it without a second glance. Now, when the product arrived I was slightly disappointed, as it didn’t look like the mauve/ pink colour she had on her lips. But I soon fell in love with this shade after wearing it a couple of times; it is definitely one of the darkest shades I wear for daily use. It is almost like a warm, rosy brown shade with a purple undertone, great for when I am wearing my leather jacket teamed with dark jeans and boots.
Texture: Super matte, liquid lipstick

MAC Cosmetics | Fireworks
The perfect sweet, cherry red is the only way to describe this lipstick. I always opt for a pink undertone when choosing a red lippie as I feel like it compliments my complexion. The texture of this lipstick is to die for, creamy and moisturising while still lasting the whole night! This is always my first pick if I want a change from a nude lip; I’ve been wearing it to all of the Christmas and New Year parties! It also looks great in the summer with a big pair of black shades and your hair scraped back into a ponytail.
Texture: Creamy with a slight sheen

MAC Cosmetics | Ample Pink
I will forever be a lipgloss girl, the only reason all of these 5 lipsticks are not lipglosses is because I currently live in London. Wind + lipgloss has never been a good look, you end up with lipgloss stripes all over your face and sticky hair which you have only just washed! However, this beauty belongs in my handbag, I adore that vanilla scent and smooth finish that makes my lips look perfectly plump. Whenever I would be doing bridal makeup, without a doubt I would finish up with a dab of this in the middle of their lips. It’s a beautiful shade of dusty pink, the perfect nude that you can wear with or without lipstick.
Texture: High shine gloss

MAC Cosmetics | Smoked Almond

Yup, that’s right, another nude in my list. Now this is definitely because of the season, as all of these nudes have a darker, richer tone. I refer to them as nudes, as on my lips they still look natural, however, on a lighter complexion I think the brown/ plum tones would stand out a lot more. This lipstick has the same texture as “Fireworks”, creamy and moisturising so you already know I had to get it in this colour as well. I love the fact it has more of a brown tint to it compared to my other lipsticks, which mainly have a pink undertone. If I’m having a natural makeup day I always apply a slick of this, sometimes without a lip liner and simply buff it out with my finger.
Texture: Creamy with a slight sheen

Sephora | Lip Stain 13
Now, I’m not usually a fan of liquid lipsticks so I’m surprised that 2 of them made it into my Top 5! Again, I believe it is because of the season; a matte look always looks best in the winter and a high shine in the summer. You can rely on a matte lipstick to last the whole day, especially if you prime your lips before so they will stay soft. This lip stain shade is by far my favourite, the deep mauve tones work so well with a smokey eye and a cute pair of eyelashes! I often use a darker lip liner to make an ombre lip and wear my favourite daytime eyelashes ‘Magnifique’ to complete the look.
Texture: Super matte, liquid lipstick






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