My Travel Bag Essentials

Travelling: LHR - SAN
Current location: Dallas, American Airlines Executive Lounge
Date: 13.02.16
Time: 15:22


So when it comes to travelling, I am a real back to basics kind of girl! I have to have my essentials neatly organised where I can easily access them. Funny thing is, I manage to squeeze all of this into my handbag, I just feel lost without it, so my trusty gold Givenchy bag goes where I go.


I often stock up on my magazine collection on flights, being a blogger, I love to know all of the latest trends first and reading other people's articles. Isn't it great how we can feel so inspired by simply reading something that someone wrote, I read an article in Women's Health (March edition) on sleeping difficulties which 100% applies to me! I am such a light sleeper, I will literally wake up if someone looks at me so I was reading this article and jotting down tips on my notes page. Apparently I need to try to listen to lullabys, wear socks in bed and take a late bath/ shower... Worth a try I suppose.


This brings me nicely onto my next travel essential... ear plugs and an eye mask! I will NEVER travel without these, I have just come off of a 10 hour flight from London to Dallas with a screaming baby in front of me, without my ear plugs I think I would have gone crazy. Lack of sleep and massive bags is a no-no for me, I don't feel myself without a full 8 hours sleep a night (She say's sipping coffee after only having 3 hours sleep). I look like a zombie right now, but thats when my sunglasses become my super hero, no matter where you are going, sunglasses are a must! You just don't know what might pop up or who haha. Nice brows, a slick of gloss and sunglasses... No one would ever know you had the worst flight of your life, genius!


Can we just take a moment to say Hallelujah for Wifi on planes! I managed to get so much work done on my Mac this flight... I would have preferred to have been sleeping but lets stop being mean about that screaming baby. It can be difficult to find time to sit down and fully get in the zone when it comes to doing work, but lets face it, a 10 hour flight, a good sleep not guaranteed... I couldn't of been happier! I take my Mac out with me almost everyday, you just have to grab these golden opportunities, without it I wouldn't be able to fill you guys in right now (:


So my choice of clothes when flying... Usually I wear heels everywhere but the amount of hard work involved in pulling around a suitcase, walking for miles to your gate and people barging you out the way calls for something sturdy! Introducing my timberlands, they still have a heel but they are so comfortable, I am wearing them with simple black leggings, a black tank top and an oversized patterned cardigan. It's important to feel comfortable during a long flight so I definitely opt for something practical,   I've saved my hot clothes for when I get there!


Okay so you might see a cheeky glass of Disaronno and cranberry juice (Don't forget that all important wedge of lime) appearing in some of the pics, it is Valentines weekend after all!! I am a believer in work hard, play hard... but my play hard literally includes maybe a glass of alcohol or some nice Godiva choccies haha but either way, I am enjoying myself! I just love getting out of London and exploring, its amazing how many nice people you come across and hearing their stories. I'm really looking forward to seeing what San Antonio offers, I've heard only good things! My next flight is in a few hours, I will be sure to Vlog everything!! See you guys very soon xxxxx


CLICK HERE to watch the full version of my San Antonio VLOG :)

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