Top tips to maintaining a healthy diet while travelling!

As most of you know, I travel frequently (often to 2 different countries a month), and maintaining my clean diet can be a bit of a struggle. Without having your own kitchen appliances and local supermarket, you are forced to eat out for every meal (there's worse things in life, right?). But when this throws you off of your regular eating pattern this can be a huge problem and a major set back in your healthy diet.


Now, I'm not saying we can't indulge every now and then! I'm definitely partial to a few alcoholic beverages and a cheeky dessert. But when you are away from home for a long period of time or you travel frequently, those 'few' cheat meals can easily turn into 'a few too many'. I have gathered together my top tips for eating out when travelling and I stick to these golden rules no matter where I am in the world! Do you have any tips for eating abroad? If so, comment below!



1.     Research your location 


Pre-planning will prevent any slip-ups in your diet, instead of walking around looking for a place to eat, research your location beforehand. Google will be your best friend! Check out the menu online so you will avoid any disappointments.


2.     Skip the bread basket 


I know how tempting it is to pick at the bread basket while you’re waiting for your food, so to avoid this temptation, ask them NOT to bring it over to the table. Think of the positives, you will enjoy your food even more when it comes.


3. Don't have dessert every day


Save that special dessert for the weekend, that way you have something to look forward to. Think of it as a treat if you stick to your healthy diet during the week, trust me, you will enjoy your dessert even more as you feel as though you have earned it.


4. Customise your meal


Yes, I am that annoying customer that will customise my meal every time. If you want to skip carbs, ask for a salad instead, if you prefer brown rice to white rice, then let your server know. I always ask for no added salt, butter, cheese or dressings. Don’t forget, this is your meal, so don’t be afraid to customise it.


5. Pack snacks in your bag


Ever had a busy day out on the run, realised you haven’t eaten and the only place you could find for a quick bite was a fast food restaurant? Yup, me too. If you are out all day pack some water, nuts, dried fruit, chopped vegetables or anything else you can fit in your bag. These snacks will keep you satisfied until you find a suitable location to have a proper meal.


6. Drink water


Often people confuse thirst with hunger, so make sure you stay hydrated throughout the day. This will prevent you from unnecessarily binge eating.


7. Decide a day you will treat yourself 


Having something to look forward to keeps us focused and makes our regular diet restrictions more bearable. I always treat myself on a Friday night when I head to the movies, so sticking to my healthy diet during the week is a breeze. Whatever your guilty pleasure is, you can still make time for it!


8. Don't think of it as a punishment 


I listen to my body and nourish it with food that will make me feel good, that isn’t a punishment. Sure, I still eat pizza, drink wine and have popcorn at the movies, but I enjoy these things in moderation. You don't have to give up the things you love. Once you start thinking this you are already setting yourself up for failure, and will be more inclined to binge. It's about making small changes, a little bit of discipline and reminding yourself of your goals.


Remember my loves, balance is key. Happy eating!

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