Why You Shouldn't Be afraid To Lift...

“I am scared of getting too big if I weight train”

Before I started bodybuilding, even I am guilty of thinking this! Weight training is the best way to lose fat and build muscle, something that won’t happen by walking on the treadmill. I often get asked why I don’t have bulging muscles and a manly shape because I body build, that would take years of hard work, dedication, lifting heavy and a specialised diet. Men also have higher testosterone levels than women and testosterone is the primary muscle-building hormone in the body, men also typically have a higher calorie intake. My main aim is to tone and build muscle while still maintaining a feminine shape. Remember it is about steady progression but in order to see results, you will need to push yourself and not be afraid to increase the weight. This is how we will build muscle in our glutes and thigh area, without turning out like Hulk!


“How do I build muscle and tone without losing fat?”

The truth is... you can’t. In order to build muscle and for the growth to show, you will need to lose body fat. As you work out and eat clean this will naturally happen. It’s important for you to know the average rate of muscle growth is significantly slower than the average rate of fat loss. This means your desired results may take longer than you thought, but as long as you are consistent the results will 100% be worth it! To build a perky booty and defined legs, this requires muscle, not extra fat. We have all been there, including myself, stay focused on your goals and remember it is a journey.


“I am scared of using weights and looking silly”

When I first started weight training I remember walking into the gym and seeing “pro’s” and perfectly toned women grabbing weights I couldn’t even dream of being able to pick up. Then I realised, this is my journey and I am going to own it! I picked up my weight with pride, no it weren’t the heaviest weight but I was pushing myself, after all, I am my only competition and my progression is all that counts. You soon realise, no one is watching or judging you at all, everyone is concentrating on themselves. It is your own lack of confidence that is getting in your way, remember everyone had to start somewhere (even that toned woman with the heavy weight) Believe in you.


Quick tips to get you started:

• Create a realistic plan that you can work around your schedule, decide which days you will be working out and what muscle groups. I train my main muscle groups on separate days, however, if you are working out less than 4 days a week you will need to group some together

• Having a goal helps to remind you why you started and will help keep you on track. Are you doing it for weight loss? To improve overall health? Training for a marathon? Whatever it is, be clear about it! Write it down somewhere so it will help you create a plan

• Diet is so important, avoid processed and packaged foods and opt for food that is high in protein, contains good fats and will provide you with the nutrients you need. CLICK HERE to watch my ‘Food shopping & Diet’ video to see what I buy when I food shop and my typical meals.

• Make your workouts fun, it is important that you enjoy what you are doing! Find a way to make it work for you, play some music or try switching up your workouts. I’m not a fan of the treadmill but you can catch me doing walking lunges outside as part of my cardio on a warm day

• It’s great to have a workout partner but make sure you are both on the same page, you want to encourage each other and push each other to perform your best. My partner, Simeon and I are always supporting each other and making sure we have a powerful workout

• Push yourself but do not injure yourself, if the weight is too heavy for you and your form is not correct then try a lighter weight

• Keep track of your progress and note down your PB (personal best), this will help you start where you finished off and its always a good feeling knowing you have owned a new weight!!

• Don’t find excuses, a strong mind is important! If you say “I will start tomorrow” or “I’m too busy” or even “I’ll start in the new year”, you are already setting yourself up for failure. We have all heard these excuses but we have never heard anyone say “I regret that workout”.

The first step is the hardest but you know you can do it. Stay healthy & happy...

Love, CCB x


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