Will Training Chest Make My Boobs Smaller?

This is a common question I am asked whenever I post a video of me training Chest! I train Chest every Monday for 1 ½ hours and complete 4- 5 different exercises; I never skip this routine and here is why you shouldn’t:
In order to have a well-proportioned body and to increase your strength in every area, you must train all major muscle groups. I find it bizarre when I hear some people say they only train their lower body and neglect their upper body, strengthening all of your muscles will help you to perform different exercises and give you an overall toned and well defined body.
When you start working out regularly and eating healthy clean meals, naturally you will lose body fat. Now this isn’t anything to worry about, as this is needed in order to create that toned body we are looking for! We need to cut down on fat so we can see those sexy muscles, which will soon create a curvier shape. This means that you could lose fat in the boob department, as our breasts are primarily fat tissue.
Training Chest will not make your boobs smaller, changing your lifestyle, eating habits and working out can, meaning you could train any muscle group and lose body fat. As long as you sustain healthy body fat levels, you should keep those perky boobies! I weight train 5 days a week and maintain a healthy diet, eating only 1 cheat meal a week and I am still a natural DD cup. I did however drop 3-cup sizes, unfortunately we can’t pick where we lose body fat! Remember, extreme dieting can cause heavy weight loss but living a healthy lifestyle will give you the body you desire.
When you are training your pectorals, you are building the muscle that lies beneath your breast tissue. For women with smaller boobs, the added muscle can actually make their breasts appear fuller and create a curved shape where the cleavage is. Remember, to build muscle you are going to have to lift heavy, don’t be afraid to push yourself. And before you ask, no, you will not turn out looking like hulk! That would take years of intense lifting and a strict diet, visit my ‘Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Lift’ blog post to read up on more of this.
My ‘Tone & Curve’ plan outlines my exact Chest routine as well as other muscle groups, I show you how to tone up and build curves in the right places, to help you build an hourglass shape. I also provide a full diet plan, which will show you which foods you should be eating, to ensure you are getting the correct protein and supplements. CLICK HERE for more information on how I can help you achieve your perfect body!


Thinking about adding Upper Body workouts to your routine?
CLICK HERE to watch my ‘Squats & Deadlifts’ video for some inspiration:





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  • Thank you for this. It’s about time someone put the truth about this. I’m a guy but I have a lot of female friends who don’t workout or are afraid to workout out of fear of diminishing their boob size.

    • Bernardin Dezius