My Workout Wardrobe Essentials

Whether you have just signed up to the gym or want to revamp your workout wardrobe, the following items are the essentials to looking great and feeling great! Invest in the right staples and you will be able to mix and match items for any occasion during any time of the year.

Good pair of high waisted leggings:
I am always being asked what leggings I am wearing and without failure they are usually a high waisted pair. I think every woman needs a pair of these; they are perfect for when you are feeling slightly bloated and want to tuck everything in. They are also perfect for Leg day when you might be squatting or lunging, saving you from the embarrassment of your leggings falling down. Most of my leggings are from Nike as I love the thick material, there is nothing worse than see- through leggings! I definitely recommend you ‘try before you buy’, to make sure the fit is right, you don’t want a wedgie and need to make sure the seam is positioned right.

Training gloves:
If I’m using my hands when I’m training, I will ALWAYS wear training gloves. Weight lifting gloves can improve your grip strength and make it easier to grip the bar if your hands are sweaty. The main reason I wear them is to prevent calluses and blisters on my hands, lifting heavy weights daily can have a detrimental effect on your soft skin. So ladies, if you want to keep your hands super smooth then invest in a pair of these, you can purchase them from any popular sports store!
Sports cap:
Okay, so you have greasy hair and no time to wash it before you hit the gym, what do you do? Wear a cap of course! It’s always good to keep one of these in the wardrobe, as you never know when it will come in handy. Not only is it great at hiding your hair but you will also look super trendy! Caps are a great way to finish your gym looks, especially in the summer time. My favourite caps are from SP Aesthetics; they have Velcro at the back, which makes it easier to fit the cap around your ponytail.
Good sports bra:
This should have been top of the list; a good sports bra can work wonders! It’s important to find one that is comfortable and will keep everything in place when you’re engaging in physical activity. I always like to choose a sports bra that will look flattering in my gym tops, be careful as some can make your boobs look droopy and shapeless. Make sure you have one sports bra for cardio, this one should be tight and compact. I usually go for the Nike Rival Sports bras; these are great for women with bigger boobs.
Long sleeved top:
If I’m wearing a longer sleeved gym top, it’s because of one of two reasons: I forgot (or couldn’t be bothered) to shave under my arms or It’s cold outside. Either way, you should have one of these in your workout wardrobe. I love the way they fit and sculpt your figure, teamed with a great pair of leggings you are onto a winning outfit! Again, I tend to buy mine from Nike due to the fit and how comfortable they are.
Tank top:
Every gym goer should own at least a few tank tops, you can wear them anytime of the year, with any outfit! Let’s say you don't want to just wear your sports bra and it’s too warm for a long sleeved top, throw on a tank top to complete your look! The great thing is you don’t have to buy these from a sports store, I often buy a casual tank top or crop top from H&M or Topshop.
Trainer collection:
I guess this goes without saying; trainers are the No.1 workout wardrobe essential. I actually have a small collection compared to others in the fitness industry, as I love to keep a simple range. I recommend going with neutral colours: grey, black and white, which will go with every outfit. Comfort is also really important so I tend to buy Nike trainers, their Huaraches and Nike Free trainers are my favourites.
A tracksuit:
A tracksuit is a great winter option when you’re heading to the gym. I love how cosy and unrestricted I feel when working out in a tracksuit. The best part is you can run and do the food shopping after your workout without getting any strange looks. I usually get my tracksuits from Nike or SP Aesthetics, getting the perfect fit is important so you still look good working out!

Do you have any workout wardrobe essentials? Share them below.
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