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About Chanel


Chanel Brown is a lifestyle blogger most commonly known for her dedication to the fitness and beauty industry. Former commercial model, Chanel, now dedicates her time in motivating others in leading a healthier and happier lifestyle. Her passion for fitness led her into becoming an inspirational icon to people around the world.


Chanel hasn't always been the fit, confident person you see. It took time, determination and above all passion. Not only has fitness transformed her body, it has strengthened her mind and changed her whole life! The Tone & Curve Plan was created so Chanel could share all of her knowledge, tips and tricks that she has learnt over the years to give you the best head start.

Being an experienced makeup artist and a keen beauty blogger, ‘Chanel Brown Beauty’ was born! With a great team of people, we managed to create the finest quality of lashes that can be worn over and over again and still look brand new. Being a lash addict, Chanel specifically wanted eyelashes that will provide all-day comfort as well as being versatile to suit a range of looks. This is our first chapter and we thank you for being a part of the story.

Love & Light always...

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