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 Chanel Brown's Story


I thought I would start with my own journey, which might help you understand why my program is called Tone & Curve. I struggled with loving my body, flicking through magazines looking at shapely women. I longed for some curves, but whenever I put on weight, the fat went to places I didn’t want it to and instead made me look podgy. I thought surgery was the only way these women looked so amazing and curvy. Little did I know, with hard work and determination, anyone can achieve the body they desire. I was introduced to weight training and fell in love instantly, and soon I started to notice all of these positive changes in my body. I had toned and curved my body and I loved it! Not only did my body change but my mindset, I became stronger physically and mentally. Everything in my life changed instantly and I wanted to share this with other women that may feel how I did before, to let them know it is possible and to not give up. This is how the Tone & Curve Plan began, a collection of everything I had done (and still do to this day) to burn fat and build curves. I feel and look the best I ever have and I owe it all to the Tone & Curve Plan.


Sian Gillard's Story


I put on over 5 stone during my pregnancy and had a big baby weighing 10lbs8 via c section. My body did not feel like mine anymore, and unfortunately suffered post-natal depression. I couldn't find my way back to myself. I knew deep down that the only way was to channel my negative energy was through exercise. Before having my son I was so mostly cardio and virtually no lifting or anything else. I wanted to broaden my knowledge of exercise and nutrition. Chanel is such an inspiration and I had been following her on social media for a few years. Once she released her Tone and Curve plan, my health and fitness journey really begin! The exercises are simple to learn, with clear instructions. I fell in love with the exercises and the programme in general. Down 38 pounds and still going strong ! I'm happier, healthier and stronger - mentally and physically. Thank you.


 Lottie Harvey's Story


Having struggled with my weight, I am so thankful to the Tone & Curve At Home plan for getting me back on track! I am still on my journey but I am so pleased with the results so far. I really enjoy the workouts and meal plan included in this guide, I have everything I need to know and I can access it anytime on my phone! I am a busy mum of two, so I love how flexible this plan is and that I can choose the days that work for me. The video demos and detailed information on what muscles I am working is super helpful, I can’t wait to see what else I can achieve in a few weeks. Thank you for giving me the motivation I need, I feel healthier and happier than I have ever felt!!


Alex Shanx's Story

Chanel’s workout programme gave me so much more confidence. I felt like clothes hung better on me and you could actually see the curves on my body. I didn't like how my body was before and how slim I was, so I needed something that was going to keep me looking slim but also healthy with added curves. The workouts are very easy to follow and I love how there are aspects that concentrate on growing more curves and bum! The best part about it was the meal plan. I have a hard time actually finding recipes to go along with working out. I haven't a clue about what to cook after a work out or at home. So the nutrient side to the programme was brilliant for me. The programme makes you work so hard and sweat which is what I love as i want to feel like i am getting the most out of the workout. I highly recommend it if you are looking to tone up but also actually have a beautiful shape at the same time. Super happy.

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